Scrivere fa parte di me da sempre, da che ho memoria. Qui raccolgo pensieri randomici e liberi.

To keep

To keep: a promise, in touch, hoping, somebody company, somebody close, to keep a man interested. Yes: Yes: to keep a man interested. I constantly hear this expression and, apart from how bad it sounds, I don’t like its meaning (horrible) and the source (women). Yes:

The crossroad

To go or to stay. To change or to carry on. To look for or to forget. If only it were that easy! If only it were that simple! If only it were that right! It happens to everybody, continuously, in every field, at all stages. Because life is a maze

The trouble

You survive. Survive pain pleasure love loss farewells never again-s enough-s once again-s. You survive without knowing why. You survive without knowing how. But you survive. Motivation is what remains from the huge resources we have without knowing them. Breath out, breath, apnoea, breath again. This is how you survive, one step at a time, one day at a