Scrivere fa parte di me da sempre, da che ho memoria. Qui raccolgo pensieri randomici e liberi.


The yellow shoes

Popcorn ready? ‘Cause I’m telling you a story. Some years ago, I met a little boy.  He was young, very young, but older than what he looked. When I met him, he was wearing yellow shoes, very yellow shoes. I had never seen anybody wearing a pair of

Turning my back on you

The same thing always happens to me: I chase something, somebody, I desire them desperately, I wait patiently, I build, understand, accept, wait, hope, wait, stay strong, wait and then I go away. Yes, I go away in the same way I arrived, in the same


They are not many in a week, in a week on the other side of the world. I took much more of them in NY, I think. But they are my steps, the steps in my journey in Japan. A planned journey that faded and that, suddenly, I


There is a perfect moment for everybody, in which you are exactly where you want to be, exactly who you want to be with. A both abstract and concrete moment, of which you'll remember everything even if the outlines will fade. A cameo in everybody's

37 ON THE 7th IN 2017

There are things that you desire so much, so so much that you suddenly refuse, without realizing it. Those things you thought you couldn't dare, but that you decided to dare, then, and that made you surrender to the fact you shouldn't have to dare it.


Blessed are those who take stock of everything at the end of the year. I figure them sitting with pen and paper, flagging things done and not done, and making their late considerations and evaluations. Blessed they are since there is an order and a sense in